ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Construction crews are back at square one on Monday after a structure fire destroyed a home in Roseville.

The construction fire also spread out to some dry grass in the area which lead to a vegetation fire.

The fire is still under investigation after an entire house caught on fire on Monday afternoon. Cal Fire says that hot days like this Monday, only add to the fire risk.

A neighborhood in Roseville is under construction as crews work to build homes in the quickly growing area. However, just after noon Monday, Cal Fire crews were called to put out the flames that engulfed one of the houses.

“A reported residential structural fire that quickly spread to a second structure. They’re both under construction,” Battalion Chief Bob Counts said.

With high temperatures and low moisture in the air, as fire crews pulled up to the scene, Counts said the construction crews gave them an extra hand.

“The construction workers were actually out in the field, trying to help mitigate the grass fire that happened behind it as well,” Counts said.

Even though no one was hurt during the incident, Counts said there’s always a way to prevent this from happening, especially on a hot day like Monday.

“If you’re in the wildland areas, if you’re doing any sort of grinding, welding, anything like that that can produce a spark and catch the surrounding vegetation on fire, please refrain from doing that,” Counts said.

Not only for the safety of the community, but also for the fire crews.

“It’s very taxing on our firefighters in the heat. We got to make sure we have plenty of resources, extra resources to be able to provide relief,” Counts said.

The cause of this fire is still under investigation and Cal Fire said if anyone is planning on doing construction work to try and do it earlier in the morning.