(KTXL) — German-based technology company Bosch is looking to Roseville as their next base of operation to begin production of semiconductor chips, according to the tech company.

In a press release from Bosch on Wednesday, they announced the planned acquisition of computer ship manufacturer TSI Semiconductors, which is based in Roseville.

“With a workforce of 250, the company is a foundry for application-specific integrated circuits,” Bosch wrote about TSI Semiconductors.

The large technology company is planning to invest $1.5 billion into the Roseville facility over the coming years and is planning to have its first chips by 2026.

“The full scope of the planned investment will be heavily dependent on federal funding opportunities available via the CHIPS and Science Act as well as economic development opportunities within the State of California,” Bosch continued.

In response to this announcement from Bosch, Vice President Harris shared her thoughts on what this billion-dollar investment could mean for California’s economy.

“This $1.5 billion investment will bring down costs, strengthen our electric vehicle supply chain, help rebuild American manufacturing, and create economic opportunity for the working families of California,” Harris wrote.

Bosch said that by 2025 they are expecting to see an average of 25 chips integrated into every new vehicle.

“Bosch’s planned investment presents momentous economic opportunity for Roseville and the region,” City of Roseville Economic Development Director Melissa Anguiano. “We’re pleased to be the site for potential growth in global semiconductor manufacturing. We look forward to welcoming Bosch to our city and being a strong community partner.”