ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — The Roseville Police Department said they arrested a Bay Area man on Thursday after he was found with a card skimming device.

Police say that a card skimming device is a card reader that can be installed into an ATM or other pay points to steal bank card information.

Officers arrested Peter Adamski, 42, of Hayward on Friday and he is facing charges of burglary, computer and credit card fraud and other related charges, according to police.

On Thursday morning officers responded to the 4000 block of Foothills Boulevard where a man was reported to be acting suspiciously in a bank’s ATM lobby.

Reports said that he was poking both the machine and the lobby’s ceiling with a stick.

When officers arrived they could not find the man and the ATM machines showed no sign of damage, according to police.

On Friday, officers returned to the bank for additional reports of a man with the same description near the bank.

Police said that when they arrived on the scene they saw a man about a block away from the bank that matched the description of the reported person.

As police made contact with Adamski at his SUV, officers conducted a search of him and his vehicle, resulting in the discovery of a card skimming device and a small concealable camera.

A skimming device was found in the ATM after a search was conducted by bank employees, according to police.