(FOX40.COM) — More is being revealed by the biological family of twin 2-year-old boys who died on Monday afternoon after drowning in a west Roseville house pool.

In an interview with FOX40.COM, the biological grandmother and grandfather of the two boys shared that they still can not believe that Legend and Sincere are no longer with them.

“It’s a heartbreaking feeling,” the grandmother said. “Just imagine you have them one minute, you don’t. They’re only two years old.”

The twin boys were under the care of their foster parents at the time of the drowning and the boys’ grandmother said that her daughter and the boys’ mother had been asking for the children to be removed from the home before their deaths.

The boys had been in foster care for about two months at the time of their deaths.

“Our daughter pleaded for them to be removed from that place,” the grandmother said. “Because she was having complications they’re with the foster parents, and at the same time, nobody heard her cry. Now they’re trying to cover all this under the rug.”

The Roseville Police Department has served several search warrants in the course of their investigation but they have not announced any arrests.

“I’m numb, the boys’ grandfather said. “I don’t really know how to feel. Disgusted, at all kinds of stuff here like I can’t get it out of my head.“

The boys’ grandmother believes that somebody needs to be held accountable for their deaths and is asking why nothing was done to try and save these boys.

“Where are your alarm doors to let you know the kids are gone?” she asked. “And how are you not paying attention to two toddlers for so long that they drowned and we’re still in the pool when paramedics arrived, but you are certified CPR. Why didn’t you help them?… why is she not in jail? Why hasn’t she been arrested?”

According to the grandmother, the boys’ biological mother has been working through a program and only had a month left.

“She never got to say goodbye to her boys,” the grandmother said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to raise funds to provide proper burials for the boys.