(FOX40.COM) — A new app that will allow residents of Roseville to “easily track and report a wide range of local, non-emergency issues” is now available in app stores.

MyRSVL is a new tool made by the City of Roseville to help simplify the relationship between local government and its residents.
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A screenshot of the home screen in the MyRSVL app.

Those with the app will also be able to view, track, and provide information on issues occurring near their location. Users can also provide information to the city of Roseville on non-emergency issues such as illegal dumping, public nuisances, graffiti and park maintenance.

The app also links to job postings, events, and general news in Roseville.

MyRSVL can be accessed through both Apple and Google Play app stores, a web browser, or Rosie, which is the city’s chatbot.

To access the chatbot, Text “hello” to 866-25-ROSIE to report issues or get answers to city questions from Rosie.