(KTXL) — Roseville is on the way to having its second Costco built after the City Council approved a $6 million incentive to bring the retail giant to West Roseville.

Costco’s entitlements were approved in 2014 to build the location at the Baseline Marketplace, but mounting infrastructure costs kept the company from beginning construction.

Baseline Marketplace is planned to be located near the intersection of Fiddyment Road and Baseline Road.

According to the city, Costco was facing a $16.5 million investment into public infrastructure just to start the project. About $6 million is directly related to their project, but Costco will still need to pay the full amount.

Following a “lengthy negotiation,” the city and Costco agreed that the city would make a $6 million lump sum payment from the city’s strategic improvement fund to Costco once they opened.

A backstop payment of an additional $1.8 million will also be provided to Costco if they do not receive a separate reimbursement related to up-front infrastructure costs within its first seven years of operation.

The city is pushing to see this new Costco location open as sales tax revenue generated from the first completed phase of the Baseline Marketplace is expected to be around $3 million in the first year.

When the shopping center is totally built out, the city is planning to see sales tax revenues of around $7 million annually.

Roseville City Councilmember Scott Alvord shared on Facebook that this center will generate 600 jobs and provide a nearby shopping center for the several thousand residents in West Roseville.

“If you’re even half as excited as I am, you’re giddy,” Alvord wrote. “This vote was the culmination of many years of work by the City, the Denios family (that owns the property), and Costco. It was the right decision for the community that so many of us have been waiting for.”

This project will also feature 40 gas pumps and reduce the number of people traveling east to Roseville’s only current Costco location, about seven miles away.

The city noted that this is not the first time they have offered such incentives to accelerate the development of large economic drivers.

Roseville also provided incentive packages to the Roseville Galleria and the Roseville Automall, which both generate several millions of dollars each year for the city and hundreds of jobs.