(FOX40.COM) — The city of Roseville is cementing the legacy of a local Marine who was killed in action during a terrorist attack at the Kabul, Afghanistan airport in August 2021.

A roadway in the city will now bear the name of Sgt. Nicole Gee.

The roadway is in an area that is still being developed, but family and friends hope this street sign will serve as a conversation starter to remember the Roseville Marine who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

“It’s an extremely awesome way to honor her and remember her and it means a lot. That is all we can ask for,” Gee’s sister Misty Fuoco told FOX40.com.

“She was an extremely bright light, a passionate person, an advocate of positive mental health and positive mental attitude and believing that you can do anything that you put your mind to,” Fuoco continued.

Gee was only 23 years old when she was killed in a terrorist attack along with twelve other service members in Kabul during the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Family, friends, and Roseville residents showed up for the dedication Monday, including one fellow Marine who also attended the same high school as Gee, Oakmont High School.

“Hearing that she was from Roseville and was a local, not only did that resonate with me, but I mean just the fact that in the Marine Corps, you share a bond and no matter where you come from or whether you have met or not, when things happen, you touch your heart,” said First Lt. Shane Speyer.

Gee enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2017 and officially became a Marine in January of 2018.

Her sister says the two were best friends.

“For me personally, it’s missing my best friend. It is missing the person who I shared everything with,” Fuoco said.

Fuoco adds that she hopes this dedication will remind people of the person her sister was and spark conversation about the events that took place in August of 2021.

“I’m hoping that 300 years from now, the internet will still be around, they can search Nicole Gee and they can see this beautiful human being who honored and served her country and gave her life to give other people freedom,” Fuoco declared.