(KTXL) — Two people were arrested for allegedly stealing mail and then cashing checks in Roseville, according to the Roseville Police Department.

The police department said a witness in the 8800 block of Sierra College Boulevard saw a person standing by an open mailbox and stuffing mail into a bag. The witness then confronted the man, who then dropped the mail and left the scene in a car.

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Police said the witness took the car’s license plate number and reported them to the police department. Officers then ran the plates and found Adam Michael Lee, 36, and Windy Lund, 32, at the address to which the car was registered to.

According to police, detectives were looking at a check fraud case and found that a large check had been stolen from the mail.

Police said that someone altered the check and Windy Lund cashed it.

According to police, at the same time probation officers from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, were at Lee and Lund’s home for a probation search. During the search, they found “a collection of personal identifying information and legal documents belonging to more than a hundred victims, other suspected stolen property, and numerous US Postal Service locks, keys and spare parts.”

Police said Lund was then arrested on the suspicion of “check fraud and grand theft related to the forged and cashed check.” Lee was also arrested on the suspicion of mail theft. Both Lee and Lund were arrested for alleged “identity theft, possessing stolen property and burglar’s tools in connection with the items the probation officers found in their home.”