Roseville’s All American Speedway reopens for test drives

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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — It’s been more than a month now since NASCAR returned safely and competitively to racing at the national level.

Now, efforts to kickstart grassroots racing at the local level in California are moving ahead of schedule and could return by the end of July.

“We need this,” said local driver Shannon Mansch. “We need this in our community. It’s a good thing.”

“Getting out here and getting the adrenaline flowing, smelling the tires, smelling the fuel, you know, that’s what racing is about,” said local racer Chris Scribner.

Roseville’s All American Speedway has finally been approved by state and county officials to open for test drives. It’s a dream for local race teams who have been waiting to get back on the track since last November — even if it is only practice.

“I spent the off-season … I bought a bunch of new equipment and I’ve been just dying to test it,” said local racer Rick Scribner. “So, that’s what we’re doing. We’re out there testing all of the new stuff.” 

“They’ll be out here running laps, trying to get the most out of their race car,” said promoter Bill McAnally. “Changing springs, changing shocks, a little stagger, a little more sway-bar, trying to find out what they can do to get an edge on the competition.”

But when they can race is still up in the air. 

Fans still are not allowed at events and it may not be until October before they are.

“These little short tracks that don’t have the big TV money, we need the fans in the stands. We need the sponsors,” McAnally told FOX40. “It takes everybody, the racers, it takes everybody to make it work.”

Racing at the All American Speedway has been going on for 66 years and one of the ideas they’ve come up with is to begin holding races in late July or early August without fans. They will stream the races so fans can still be a part of the action.

“At some point in time, I’m sure some of the regulations will, hopefully, be lifted and we’ll get some fans in the stands,” Chris said. “I know we’re working on some TV stuff to get the track so people can watch it at home, so I am hopeful.”

“These are the roots to the tree in NASCAR racing. You’ve got to have these grassroots, hometown tracks,” McAnally explained. “This is where you build your Kevin Harvicks, your Kyle Buschs.”


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