Roseville’s Golfland Sunsplash open despite orders to shut down

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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Roseville’s Golfland Sunsplash remains open despite the fact COVID-19 guidelines say it should not be allowed to operate. 

The city says it will begin fining the water park for not being in compliance, but those fines may just be a small drop in the bucket for the business’ bottom line. 

“I did not know they weren’t supposed to be open,” said Mark, who was visiting from Grass Valley. 

Most visitors, like Grass Valley residents Mark and Sarah, said they’re not worried about their health. 

“We already to self isolate,” Sarah said. 

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says there is currently no evidence that the coronavirus spreads in swimming pools or hot tubs.

“I think we’ll be fine. There’s a lot of chlorine in the water, so I’m feeling pretty good about that,” Mark said. 

There is an effort to get the park to comply, but it may not be enough. 

The city of Roseville says both its economic development and its code enforcement departments have visited the park and issued several written warnings telling the operators to shut down immediately. 

But so far it seems those orders have been ignored. 

Next, the city says police could issue citations through the city attorney’s office, with fines increasing up to $500 per day. 

The Police Department will continue to focus on education and compliance. If any business remains open after they’ve been informed to close or modify their operations, we’ll continue to work towards a resolution. A part of that resolution process may include the issuance of an administrative citation. 

Roseville Police Department

According to pricing on their website, the park can cover fines with the admission of just 12 people per day. 

“To each his own I guess. If you’re a parent and you want to let your kids come out here and have some fun and you’re not too worried about it, then I guess that’s your choice, you know?” said Roseville resident Jason Penman. 

A city spokesperson said if the fines don’t work, the city could take further action, including a hearing before a city administrative panel, possible additional fines and an order to cease the actions in question. 

Meanwhile, the park is limiting the number of customers. 

“You know, they’re not letting as many people in. You can’t just come in and buy a ticket and go. We had to prepay for them and stuff like that,” Mark said. 

But with few masks and many families getting close together, it may not do much good in preventing the virus’ spread. 

“I guess I would hate to have the kids get the coronavirus and then, you know what I mean, that would obviously be a bad thing,” Penman said. 

Sunsplash has not returned FOX40’s multiple calls for comment. However, they were fast to send out security to tell reporters to keep off their property. 


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