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SACRAMENTO — Sac Brew Boat is bringing the fun from their bike tours onto the water.

Down at the docks at Old Sacramento, you can hear the music bumping from the Sac Brew Boat as it makes it way under the iconic Tower Bridge.

Once you and your friends get amidship, the drinks are flowing – take a seat and get to pedaling. You’ll soon learn it’s a party.

“Working the boat and the bike and stuff you see how alcohol brings people together and stuff,” Sc Brew Boat co-founder Matt See said. “At first people are shy and stuff but by the second and third drink people are having a good time.”

See started offering trips along the Sacramento River just two weeks ago after seeing similar concepts in other large cities like Portland.

So far, See says just like the Sac Brew Bike, the Brew Boat is bringing something new to the capital city one turn of the pedal at a time.

“It’s just something a little different something unique. Something for people to do if they are either visiting Sac or from Sac and don’t have the opportunity to get on a boat,” See said.

If you do get tired of pedaling, it’s important to remember this boat does have a motor so you can put your feet up sit back and enjoy a drink on the river.

but lets be honest, whats the fun in that?

“It [has] a big paddle wheel on the back, it actually works and does stuff so when everyone is pedaling it’s not too bad,” See explained.

For an hour and a half, groups of 16 can take a trip up and down the water, not only enjoying a brew but taking in the nature Sacramento has to offer.

“It’s a good spot in old town here so you can kinda see everything going on in old town we will cruise up the river you’ll see some wildlife — there is like a sea lion that hangs out where the American River comes in,” See said.

The boat is equipped with life vests, a deck hand and a three beverage limit to make sure everyone is safe on the water.

If you would like to learn more about sac brew boat reservations and prices , you can visit the Sac Brew Boat Website.