Sac County Sheriff Faces Suit Over Inmate Death

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It’s been a year since Mark Scott died. But the gathering in front of the Sacramento County Jail Sunday night wasn’t an ordinary remembrance.

“It’s so unfair … So unfair,” repeated Mark’s cousin Della Scott to the gathered family and friends.

The Sacramento County Jail is where Mark died. He was in custody and died in his jail cell.

“This was a needless death. But they don’t want his death to be completely in vain,” said attorney Stewart Katz. “By following through on this, the hope is some other family will be avoiding a similar night.”

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is now facing a suit over Scott’s death.

Fellow inmates say he was bleeding, that there was a lot of blood in this cell, and that Mark called for help that day. But he was told, according to other inmates, he would have to wait.

“Everybody wants not to be cynical,” Katz said. “You want to believe they;re actually going to do the right thing.”

Still, the Sheriff is insisting that did do the right thing. In a letter to Scott’s sister, a department representative said Mark Scott’s death was investigated and there was no employee misconduct.


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