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The United States Supreme Court now says student-athletes deserve more from their colleges and universities, ruling Monday that the National Collegiate Athletic Association can’t enforce rules limiting the education-related benefits afforded to the athletes that earn the institutions money.

Bottom line is the NCAA and its member colleges are suppressing pay of student-athletes who collectively generate billions of dollars in revenues for college every year. Those enormous sums of money flow to seemingly everyone except the student-athletes. Traditions alone cannot justify the NCAA’s decision to build a massive money-raising enterprise on the backs of student-athletes who are not fairly compensated. … The NCAA is not above the law.

Brett Kavanaugh, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

The unanimous decision stops short of answering one of the biggest questions hovering over collegiate sports: Should amateur athletes be paid?

To talk about this latest development in the debate over compensation, the athletic director at Sacramento State University, Mark Orr, joined Sonseeahray on FOX40 News at 11 a.m.