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SACRAMENTO — Sacramento State student Wil Stewart is too modest to say he saved a life, or that he’s a hero, but his mom isn’t.

“He said, ‘Well I just saved a guy from choking,’ and I said, ‘What? What?'” said Traci Stewart.

The paramedics student was sitting in a coffee shop in San Luis Obispo Wednesday waiting to go into an interview for a paramedic internship when he saw a man choking.

That’s when he jumped in to perform the Heimlich maneuver until the man started breathing.

Traci Stewart is not shocked by her son’s courageous actions. Wil Stewart has been a volunteer firefighter and EMT for three years.

Last year, his plans to become a paramedic were stalled when he was diagnosed with a spinal tumor.

“He had a tumor, we didn’t know what was gonna happen… then a year ago to the day you save some guy’s life,” Traci Stewart said.

Wil Stewart got the internship, but he never told his interviewer what happened just moments prior.

He does realize that he did a good thing, however.

“I still get a little warm feeling in my chest I helped this guy,” he said. “I feel really good about it.”

He also knows he chose the right profession.