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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — In a video posted online, Tee Fansofa shows injuries they say happened on Saturday as protesters were met by law enforcement officers in Sacramento.

“I was supporting my comrades and friends who were leading, passing out water and snacks, and I was only on the scene for five minutes and then this happened,” Fansofa said.

(Editor’s note: The two interviewees in this story use the pronouns they, them and theirs)

Fansofa was near an alley at the intersection of J and 21st streets Saturday around 11:30 p.m. when they said law enforcement officers fired off tear gas canisters, hitting them with six or seven rubber bullets. 

“They were just lined up shooting rubber bullets toward the crowd, tear gas cans, directly into the crowd,” Fansofa said.

“Rubber bullets are so strong and so lethal, we have people who were shot in the eye and currently blind,” activist Ayotunde Ikuku said. “Tee’s eye was injured but luckily they’re not blind that they have function in both of their eyes.”

Ikuku said they were also confronted with tear gas from law enforcement.

“The whole reason why we are out there is because of excessive violence,” they said.

On Saturday, some protesters near the Sacramento County Jail were seen throwing fireworks, bottles and rocks toward officers, but Fansofa says they were there to help protesters demanding justice for acts of police brutality. 

“I was doing my last drop off of like snacks, water, and whatever else people needed while they were protesting in the streets,” they said. “By the time I got there, people were everywhere, there was smoke all over the place.”

While preparing for two surgeries, Fansofa says they’re thankful for the support from the community.