SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento is currently being overrun with lost dogs that ran away from their homes on the Fourth of July due to the loud noises and bright colors.

According to a Facebook post from the Front Street Animal Shelter, they are quickly running out of space due to the number of lost dogs they are currently taking in.

The shelter is also in critical need of volunteers to provide temporary homes for some of the larger dogs. For those interested, they can take online training here.

Foster homes are typically needed for a few weeks until the animals are reunited with their families or are adopted. The shelter will provide all the supplies and medical care that the dogs need.

For anyone who loses their pet, the Front Street Animal Shelter said to text STRAY to 833-511-0426. After texting the number, Front Street Animal Shelter will send you tips to help find your pet.

The Front Street Animal Shelter is located at 2127 Front Street in Sacramento.