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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Parents and students are growing more frustrated with not being able to go back to school.

“We are hoping we can go back to school,” Alyssa Mandell, 14, told FOX40.

“Our children want to be in school, in person, and this is as close as they can get,” added parent Marlina Edmonds.

Dozens of Vacaville High School students and parents showed up on campus Wednesday to show the school district they can be safe while learning.

Parents and students said this is coming from built-up frustration of not being able to physically go to school to learn for about a year.

“We all want to reopen schools safely, but we also do not want to put our students and staff at risk,” said Sacramento City Teachers Association President David Fisher.

Fisher told FOX40 the SCTA has created its own framework on how they would go about reopening their campuses.

“Prioritizing vaccinations for teachers, especially teachers that are in areas of the highest need,” Fisher explained. “Proper ventilation — there’s been a lot of good science on how you make rooms safer for students and staff.”

All of this came as educators across the state expect Gov. Gavin Newsom to address reopening schools in California at some point this week. But during a press conference Wednesday, Newsom only slightly touched on the topic.

“I maintain confidence that we will announce a deal as early as Friday with the legislature that will allow our youngest cohorts to return safely to school starting with K-2 and, ultimately, get cohorts up to sixth grade,” Newsom said.

As of Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not released any new guidelines for reopening schools.

Fisher told FOX40 he wants schools to reopen based on science, not because of any politician.