SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento Autorama officially started Friday at Cal Expo with about 1,000 cars on display. 

Hot rods, motorcycles, lowriders and from around the globe were on display for car enthusiasts, who came to witness the dazzling sites and sounds of all things automotive. 

“You get the people who come here for the colors of the cars and the chrome and the smells and the kids who love to look at the carpeting,” said Sacramento Autorama producer John Buck. 

Buddy Hale, a car builder, covered some serious miles to get a restored Volkswagen bug to Sacramento from Arizona. 

“There’s over 2,000 handmade pieces on this vehicle and like I said, it was a 9-year build with 25,000 man-hours,” Hale said. 

Hale made the 15-hour trek with kid gloves. 

“If anyone has had a first child and bringing your kid home for the first time, I’ve had a kid so that’s what I kind of relate it to.” 

Sacramento Autorama ends Sunday with tickets available at