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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — As cases continue to spike, one Sacramento business owner is taking matters into her own hands by asking her customers a big favor before coming to her bar.

At the Torch Club in Sacramento, the owner Marina Texeira is asking all her guests to come to the front door with a mask and proof of vaccination.

Texeira told FOX40 Sunday that she made this decision on Friday after seeing cases steadily increase across the state. She said the policy is not permanent, but she and her staff are turning away anyone who cannot verify they’ve gotten their COVID-19 shot.

She said the effort is to try to remain open for as long as possible because the pandemic was very difficult on her business.

“I just don’t want to see, go back to the cases that we had before, and then we’ll be the ones to be first shutdown. I don’t think I can survive another pandemic,” Texeira said.

Sunday’s performing band was Mark Hummel & The Blues Survivors.

Keyboard and guitarist Bob Welsh told FOX40 the Torch Club is his second gig that has required proof of vaccination.

While he was taken off guard initially by the request, he said it’s better in the long run.

“I actually support it because I’m going to be in a lot of situations where I got to go to other countries. I’ve got to play on a cruise ship, which is daunting enough,” Welsh said.

Sunday’s show is the second one since the Torch Club has asked its guests to show proof of vaccination and they have already had to turn away some people during their event on Friday.

Texeira said she’s gotten a lot of support for her decision and hopes to be fully open with no protocols very soon.