Sacramento businessman says his family has been harassed by man he once took in

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A Sacramento businessman will be on guard Wednesday evening after being threatened by a man who he claims is an armed racist.

Sunny Maqbool moved to the U.S. from Fiji 25 years ago and operates a welding company with his wife and sons on 14th Avenue near Power Inn Road.

He said several years ago, he took in a homeless man. Maqbool let him stay on his property as a sort of night watchman.

“He had nothing to eat. We had to feed him and I helped him out,” Maqbool told FOX40.

But things took a turn two years ago when Maqbool caught him using illegal drugs.

“I just had to evict him from here and that’s when everything started,” Maqbool explained.

He said that’s when the man began breaking into his yard on a regular basis.

“He cut the internet wire, he cut all the camera system wires,” he said.

Maqbool said he was content to just chase him off until things got serious over the weekend.

“He had a gun. He just clicked the gun and he said, ‘Hey, listen to this,’” Maqbool said.

“He said he was going come out and kill all three of us,” said Maqbool’s son, Zafar. “He says, ‘Come find me. If you do, I will start firing.”

What is more concerning is Maqbool pointed to social media posts in which the man posted a video slandering Sikhs and using a profane hashtag indicating racists attitudes against Sikhs and Muslims.

“He says he’s going to shoot us and he’s going to burn down the whole building,” Maqbool said.

Police searched the 5-acre property after the threats, even using a helicopter, but the man could not be found in the maze of buildings and vehicles.

Police told FOX40 there is an open investigation into the threats but Maqbool said he’s frustrated.

“Why wait? Go look for this person, and then, you know, take him to justice,” he said.

Meanwhile, Maqbool said he’ll go sleepless for the fourth night in a row, staring at his security cameras to make sure the man doesn’t follow through on his threats.

When asked if he regrets helping the man out when he was homeless, Maqbool said he will still help people who need help. He said that’s just the way it’s done in Fiji.

Meanwhile, the man apparently still lives in the area somewhere in his RV. FOX40 has chosen not to identify the man because there is no warrant out for his arrest.

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