September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Sacramento City Council calls for 15% reduction in water use

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento City Council declared a Stage 2 Water Alert and called for a 15% voluntary reduction in water use. 

City leaders moved to approve the resolution Tuesday in order to reduce the pressure on the Folsom Reservoir and the Lower American River as the drought persists. 

The call for reduced water use applies to both Sacramento residents and city operations.

Drinking water for the area comes from the Sacramento and American rivers, which haven’t gotten as much run-off from the Sierra due to the lack of snow.

The voluntary conservation request comes to a region whose residents are known for conserving water in the past.

“Since the 2013 to 2017 drought, we’ve actually had a two-day per week watering schedule​, and one thing that’s allowed Sacramento residents to do is save about 25% water from historical use,” explained Sacramento Department of Utilities spokesman Carlos Eliason. “By and large, Sacramento residents are kind of among the least water users of the region​, so that’s put us in a good position for this drought.”

“You still see a lot of people watering their lawns and I think that the way the situation is right now, I think you should water things that are going to feed you, meaning like fruit trees or veggies but not a lawn,” Sacramento resident Lupe Cabanyog told FOX40.

“We still have some plants here, but it’s not like it was when we had the grass. The real grass, it’s natural, it’s nice, but we don’t miss it after putting this in,” explained Sacramento resident Kyle Smith pointing to his artificial lawn.

Sacramento has just doubled its rebates for the installation of drought-tolerant landscaping and other water savers like more efficient toilets for homes and businesses.

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