SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A Sacramento City Council committee is set to consider a proposal Tuesday that would allow cannabis dispensaries to have lounges onsite where products can be smoked.

Currently consumers who purchase cannabis at dispensaries must consume it at home or on private property.

Members of the legal pot industry argue that high state taxes and excessive regulation are putting a strain on their business and that lounges would help increase profits.

“To put it short honestly, there’s a lounge for just about everything else, there’s not one for us quite yet. We have a lot of regulations and laws that we have to uphold in order to partake in this, so we understand that it’s time for us to have a place of our own too, not just to buy the products but to also consume them,” said Julian Williams, assistant manager at the local cannabis dispensary Nug.

The comittee is not expected to vote on the proposal today but a decision could be reached later this month.

The council will also consider allowing dispensaries to operate in additional mixed-use commercial and residential areas.