SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Tuesday, the Sacramento City Council voted to repeal the anti-cruising ordinance.

The ordinance was first put in place in the 80s to stop cruising through the streets of Sacramento, but, local residents said that times have changed.

“Throughout California, you’re seeing the resurgence of the lowrider,” Sacramento resident Adrian Perez said. “Whether it’s Sacramento, San Jose, all the way down to national cities, San Diego. I mean, everybody’s repealing no cruising ordinances because they realize they targeted, misappropriated I should say their energies, on lowriders thinking that lowriders were negative. And it’s not a negative thing. It’s a very positive thing.” 

Council members said the lowrider community does a good job working with the city and policing itself. 

“It’s good getting our rights and our freedom back,” Mina Perez, with the Vida De Oro Foundation, said. “It’s gonna give us the breathing that we always have aspired to have.”

For a community that’s waited over 30 years to feel welcome in Sacramento without the thought of being penalized for their culture, the vote on Tuesday was extra special.