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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The union for bus drivers in the Sacramento City Unified School District said they want the district to put the brakes on bad practices. 

According to the drivers, they are fighting policies that reportedly contribute to the spread of COVID-19. Drivers said they are not being told about coronavirus infections among students on their buses, leading to illness among drivers. 

They said cases such as those could have been avoided. 

“We’re losing drivers. We’re losing bus attendants; we’re losing teachers, but we’re still here,” said bus driver Gill Patterson. “We’re not quitters. We just want enough to hire drivers so we can social distance. The kids are not social distancing on the bus.”

Sacramento City Unified responded to drivers on Friday. 

Sac City Unified values bus drivers and their important work to transport students to and from school. Protecting the health and safety of all staff and students is of utmost importance. This is why the district’s Return to Health plan specifies that if any Sac City Unified employee, including bus drivers, is feeling symptoms of illness or tests positive for a COVID-19 infection, they are always directed to remain home or are sent home immediately if already at work or school. This policy protects the safety of all employees and students.

Sac City Unified provides COVID testing for staff at all school sites, departments and two central locations so that we can quickly identify positive cases and take steps to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The guidance for staff, students and families regarding isolation and quarantine may be found at 

Sacramento City Unified School District

It also responded to complaints that children are stranded at bus stops due to short staffing and special needs students are having to be transported by Uber because the district is trying to cut salaries.

Sac City Unified does not utilize Uber or any other app type service to transport Sac City Unified  students. In the event of a staffing shortage due to school bus drivers’ absences or vacancies, the district contracts with professional student transportation service providers that meet and/or exceed the qualifications required to transport school students.