SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento City Unified School District along with BusPatrol announced on Monday that since the back-to-school season began this year they found nearly 500 drivers failed to stop for school buses.

According to the district, with the use of five school buses that were equipped with cameras, they found that 483 drivers illegally passed school buses from August to October.

The district said that this is one of the highest violation rates in the county, equating it to three violations per bus per day. They also said that during the first week of school, more than 130 illegal passings occurred.

“We have seen children almost lose their lives because of this,” Jean Souliere, CEO and Founder at BusPatrol said in a news release. “California has the highest rate of illegal passings anywhere in the nation, more than 10 times we see in other communities. We urge Californians to come together and demand the state legislature take action. We owe it to our kids.”

According to SCUSD, over 90% of the buses serve students “who qualify for special education and related services,” who become more at risk because they sometimes require extra time when boarding and leaving the bus.

California does not allow automated enforcement technology to catch drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses, according to the news release.

“SCUSD appreciates participating in a pilot program taking place across California. We hope it will open more eyes in our community and strengthen the passing of school bus stop arm camera legislation,” Ron Hill, Transportation Services Director at SCUSD, said in a news release.