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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento native and star football player for the Oregon Ducks Spencer Webb tragically passed away after falling and hitting his head at a popular lake.

People that knew Webb are dealing with the painful loss.

Webb was a student at Christian Brothers High School in 2016, and the staff said it is a tragic loss for the community. For the people close to Webb, it is hard for them to believe that he is no longer here.

“I was devastated,” Dale Milton, the Co-Athletic Director at Christian Brothers High School, said. “I still am. It’s tough. It’s tough you know.”

Webb was a standout athlete at Christian Brothers High School and a rising star for the Oregon Ducks. His untimely death is shocking to those who knew him best.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office said that the 22-year-old was killed after he fell and hit his head at a popular lake in Oregon. Just a few weeks ago, Milton said that Webb came back home for a visit.

“The best thing about Spencer is he’d come back and see us and tell us about his experiences,” Milton said. “He was just here three weeks ago speaking to our football players.”

Spending time with the youth was something Webb’s friend Christopher Mayes said he cherished the most about their friendship. Mayes said Webb even took time to mentor his little brother.

“Spencer took time out of his own personal time when he’s home on summer vacation, and he trained with my little brother,” Mayes said.

For Christian Brothers Admissions Director Kristen McCarthy, she felt like it was her duty to make sure he was always safe.

“I used to say I was his Christian Brothers grandmother, not mother, so certainly proud grandmother moments,” McCarthy said.

Those moments are all they have left to cherish as they try to keep Webb’s memory alive.

“I’m so incredibly proud of him and I love him,” Tyler Almond, the former head coach at Christian Brothers, said.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon said that they believe his death was an accident and do not expect any foul play.