Sacramento councilman leads effort to prohibit leaf blowers on bad air days

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento could be the next city in the state to ban the use of leaf blowers but only on certain days when air pollution is poor.

Leaf blowers, whether gas or electric, are not just noisy but they also pollute the air at a higher rate than other equipment and vehicles, according to the California Air Resources Board.

“Part of that is the particulates stirred up by leaf blowing,” said Sacramento City Councilman Jeff Harris.

Councilman Harris is leading the proposal that wants the city to amend its code to prohibit the use of all leaf blowers, gas or electric, when the air quality index is at or exceeds 100.

“Average 34 days per year we are over 100 AQI,” Harris told FOX40. “When it gets over 100 it’s called ‘unhealthy’ for sensitive groups. In other words, there is so much junk in the air it makes it hard for some people to breathe.”

Sacramento could be following other California cities with leaf blowing bans.

But what about the landscaping industry in the region?

“They weren’t overjoyed with the idea of not being able to use leaf blowers on certain days of the year,” Harris said. “But they all carry rakes and shovels with them on their trucks and if they had to do a little more handwork say three workweeks out of the year, it’s not going to lead to a lack of employment.”

Not true though said Juan Rodriguez, who owns his own private landscaping business, J-Sierra Landscaping.

“I think with no blower for gardeners, there is no business. Definitely there is no business,” he told FOX40.

The timing of the proposed ban, which will need a full council vote for approval, is still a couple of months off. If it is approved, people can look for it to take effect sometime in May.


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