Sacramento County Airsoft Gun Store Burglarized

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY -- Airsoft guns, equipment and gear: almost nothing left behind after burglars hit a Sacramento County business this week.

Now, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s department is investigating the burglary at America Airsoft.

The owner thinks his store was targeted because he says Airsoft guns are hard to sell - it’s a niche hobby.

And the specific location of the store, near Galt, is one you'd have to seek out to find.

On an open field next to Highway 99, a green metal storage container is America Airsoft.

The inside of the store used to be filled to the brim with gear. The walls were lined with Airsoft guns and equipment.

But, Tuesday afternoon, owner Larry Hartman showed up to find the locks cut.

"One lock here, here, here and down on the bottom," Hartman said while showing FOX40 each location.

The lights were disabled, and the cameras were turned around as well.

"They probably took about 90 percent of everything I have in there," said Hartman. "It was quite a bit - probably about the cost of two cars."

Airsoft guns are expensive, around $500 each.

"The more expensive stuff was in this display case," Hartman said.

The burglars even got away with one-of-a-kind custom guns.

The burglars even got away with one-of-a-kind custom guns like this sniper covered in American flags.

"They came in took everything down - took everything off the walls," Hartman stated.

Case Sayler came to help Hartman survey the damage.

"It’s basically like being violated," Sayler said. "It’s disheartening to know someone would actually do this."

The two now left wondering why the burglars would go after what they call, a niche product, which serves a tight knit community.

"It’s just kind of weird because it’s really hard to sell," Hartman said.

Hartman believes whoever broke in, knew what they were doing.

"I think it’s somebody that’s probably been in my store before," he said.

But, he's not angry, just hopeful they'll get caught.

"There’s no reason to really get mad, it’s not gonna solve anything," expressed Hartman.

Hartman says he heard two other businesses which sell Airsoft guns were recently victimized as well.

Despite the significant loss he still plans to open and keep business going.

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