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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento County has announced the construction of a “Safe Stay Community” located at 8144 Florin Road, on the corner of Power Inn and Florin which will shelter people experiencing homelessness .

The community will have 100 sleeping cabins and construction of these cabins is expected to take approximately 10 days. Then infrastructure will work to get running power and sewer lines to the community which could take several months.

According to the news release, the site will have “a sanitation trailer for restrooms and showers, staff quarters for the 24/7 on-site operator, a security booth to manage all persons on-site, a communal eating area, storage units for possessions guests bring that do not fit in their cabin, and a pet relief area.”

The site is expected to shelter 125 people at a time and will open late this fall.

Stay safe communities are temporary shelters for those experiencing homelessness where they can live in a safer environment and receive resources to eventually leave to permanent housing. The communities include, “24/7 security, case management services, areas on-site sanitation and food services.”

The sites are seen as a stepping stone to support those experiencing homelessness on their way to permanent housing.