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SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office concluded its investigation into the shooting death of Mikel McIntyre, stating the deputies were “justified in shooting McIntyre to defend themselves.”

The 32-year-old father was shot by Sacramento County and Rancho Cordova deputies in May of 2017.

Prior to his death, McIntyre was reportedly choking and assaulting a woman, who turned out to be his mother. She denied she was at risk and said her son was acting strangely during the day, perhaps from a mental health episode.

The sheriff’s department initially reported McIntyre hit Deputy Jeffrey Wright in the head with a rock and later injured a police K9 with a rock.

A cell phone video showed McIntyre running away from deputies before he was fatally shot seven times.

The DA’s findings came to the following conclusion:

“Based on the circumstances of this incident, Deputies Wright and Becker were justified in shooting McIntyre to defend themselves. Additionally, Deputies Wright, Becker, and Rodriguez were justified in shooting McIntyre when he tried to escape after he committed forcible and atrocious felony attacks upon Deputy Wright and Deputy Becker. McIntyre posed a significant threat of death or serious physical harm to the officer and others. Accordingly, we will take no further action in this matter.”

In August, Inspector General Rick Braziel’s report on the shooting found that the deputies fired an “excessive” and “unnecessary” number of rounds at McIntyre, or a total of 28 rounds, based on the number of resources the deputies had at the scene and because McIntyre was only armed with a large rock. The DA’s office also said, ” … In hindsight, after careful consideration of all of the surrounding circumstances, there may have been tactical approaches that would not have involved the use of deadly force.”