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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — The director of Sacramento County’s Department of Health Services apologized Tuesday night for a comment he made earlier in the day during a Board of Supervisors meeting.

Dr. Peter Beilenson used the term “yellow folks”  while speaking out in favor of a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis in Sacramento County.

“It’s a crucial thing we need to be doing to address the issues of the African American and brown and yellow folks in our country, as well as the white folks,” he said at the podium.

He sent FOX40 a statement following the comments, which were aired live.

At the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors this afternoon, while supporting the resolution to declare systemic racism as a pubic health emergency, I  used an inappropriate term for Asian and Pacific Islanders.  This occurred when I was trying to lump diverse groups together.  I realize that I was insensitive and apologize profusely to the API communities.

Dr. Peter Beilenson, Sacramento County Department of Health Services Director

The Board of Supervisors voted to approve the resolution. Supervisor Sue Frost was the only board member to reject it, saying in her statements opposing the resolution, “I do not believe that America is a racist country or that most Americans are racist.”