SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento County officials are urging people to conserve water as the temperatures continue to heat up in the months leading up to summer.

The county is actively working on a project in hopes of making it easier for people to track their water usage. Part of the nine-phase project for the county is replacing pipes and installing water meters.

County officials said it’ll make it easier for people to track their usage, which in turn will make it easier for people to cut back.

The work is being done in an Arden neighborhood as part of the Arden-area pipe renovation project.

“We have to have this area metered so that way we can monitor their water usage and comply with the state law,” said Matt Robinson, with the Sacramento County Water Agency.

And with temperatures heating up quickly, it will play an important role in helping residents conserve water as the drought continues statewide.

“Having a water meter, we can also tell if residents are losing water at a unique rate. For example, they may have a leak in their pipes,” Robinson said.

Keeping track of how much water is being used is important for people like Diane Mau.

“I’m sure we could all do more. Sometimes I think it’s easy to get complacent because you turn on the tap and the water just runs,” Mau said.

As part of the Sacramento County Water Agency, Robinson said it’s important for people to know who is delivering water to their homes to understand what restrictions are being implemented.

“There are more than 20 water companies serving the Sacramento County area. Sacramento County Water Agency technically is a misnomer, we don’t serve the entire county,” Robinson said.

And right now in the Sacramento County Water Agency district, they’re allowing residents to water three days a week.

They’re also following the state’s current recommendations.

 “Right now, the state is just asking people to reduce by 20%, so we’re following that guideline and requesting that our customers cut back by 20%,” Robinson said. 

But Robinson said it can all change as weather conditions continue to be dry.

Even with restrictions in place, he said he’s confident many residents will continue to do their best to conserve.

“We try to minimize wasteful playing outside, just letting our water sprinkler run and turning off when brushing teeth, things like that,” Robinson said.

For people living within Sacramento County, click or tap here to find out which water company serves you.