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CITRUS HEIGHTS — Sacramento County has announced plans to bring two new homeless housing projects, bringing more than 100 units to the area.

If funds are approved by the state, the Capitol Park Hotel on 9th Street in Downtown Sacramento will be remodeled to house those who want to be rehabilitated. Its current residents would be relocated.

And a brand-new apartment complex will be built on a vacant lot in Citrus Heights where the old Able’s Christmas Tree lot used to be.

“Right now, it’s vacant land. But it’ll be new construction and hopefully we’ll see that being developed in the next year or so,” said Christine Weichert.

The plans are being praised by county and homeless advocates, but neighbors at one of those sites aren’t so sure.

The plans call for a $22M, 42-unit, three-story building.

Christine Weichert, with the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency says part of the money for the two projects will come from the state’s ‘No Place Like Home Program,” A billionaire’s tax approved by voters in November.

But some neighbors say they don’t think this is the right spot for it.

A woman who didn’t want her face shown lives behind the vacant property on Sunrise Boulevard.

She says already one of her neighbors has moved away because of the proposed project.

“They sold their house when that came up because we all got letters,” she said. “They didn’t want that behind them.”

But not everyone in the neighborhood feels the same way.

“By all means, let’s fix them up. Let’s get them back into the job market,” said Tom Milton.

Milton says at first, he was skeptical of a homeless housing project in his backyard. But then he and his wife went to other properties managed by the county.

“Those that we looked at were well maintained. And it surprised us, and it shocked us,” Milton said.

Milton says what’s ironic is there’s already homeless living on the property now anyway.

He believes this program could give some the structure they need to turn their lives around.

“I don’t have any fears of people jumping over the fence and coming through my neighborhood but then that’s my perspective right now. Let’s see what happens when it gets built,” Milton said.

The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency says construction on this project could happen as soon as next January.

But the county warns it still needs to secure that state funding so it may not begin until 2020.