SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The rush to get free at-home COVID-19 tests continued Wednesday as all Sacramento County public libraries ran out of 91,000 tests in only one day.

Car after car, person after person was turned away Wednesday morning after showing up too late to one of the 28 Sacramento County public library locations looking to take home COVID-19 tests.

Fountain Lee is one of the people who wasn’t able to get one. He showed up at the Arcade Library shortly after it opened because he expected them to run out of tests pretty early on.

“It just ran out, but I noticed in the early morning, there were many people who came here,” Lee told FOX40.

Once the doors opened at the library at 10 a.m., they ran out of COVID-19 tests within 30 minutes.

“Certainly, we can try other libraries. There are many other libraries also,” Lee said.

Sacramento County Public Health handed out 91,000 tests to 28 library locations within the county, including the Folsom Public library.

Staff at the library told FOX40 they ran out of tests Tuesday afternoon with none left to spare for today.

“In the past hour since we’ve opened, we’ve distributed nearly all of the test kits we’ve had available from the Sacramento County Public Health Department,” said Sacramento Public Library Comms Manager Lisa Martinez.

Each person was limited to two test kits. But some people, like Lee, noticed multiple kits were being handed out at certain locations.

“Two tests or four tests, whatever they need. I mean they can have it,” Lee said.

Martinez said each location tried to be as fair as possible to people coming to pick up test kits.

“We tried to be as equitable as possible because we had such long lines,” Martinez explained.

While each library location quickly ran out of tests within the first hour of opening Wednesday, the California Health and Human Services Agency said they are still working to get more tests available.

California officials told FOX40 that it has been challenging to get tests and a lot of them were destroyed because of bad weather.

Sacramento County officials said they do not plan on having additional tests to distribute to its libraries.