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The shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer set-off a fall full of protests in cities around the country and northern California.

Now, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones is wondering, where’s the outrage over two cops being shot there?

“We certainly saw everybody jumping on the band wagon with the events that lead to the protests in Ferguson,” Jones said. “Up to and including our attorney general (Eric Holder) in the very early days of that conflict, jumped-up and said, ‘Well, this is not right. We’re going to investigate it.'”

Attorney General Holder condemned the shootings Wednesday.

“What happened last night was a pure ambush,” Holder said. “This was not someone trying to bring healing to Ferguson. This was a damn punk who was trying to sow discord.”

Sheriff Jones has taken the extraordinary step of publicly criticizing federal officials before. In the face of immigration policy favorable to some who have been in the U.S. illegally, he posted a YouTube video criticizing President Obama’s policy.

For Jones, it’s personal. He lost one of his deputies- Danny Oliver- in an ambush this October. The suspect – a man illegally living in the U.S., although not one who would have likely benefited from recent executives orders on immigration.

Jones said he believes the federal government’s response to Ferguson helped fuel ongoing protests there. Now, on his personal Facebook page, he’s calling for the same response to the cops being shot, including the Attorney General Holder, dedicating the same resources to investigate.

“We have a complete different perspective now. We have two officers being shot,” Jones said. “Certainly, no one condones violence on the part of officers toward the citizenry. It should be equally disturbing and not tolerated when we have violence against the officers.”