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SACRAMENTO — Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Shauna Bishop is supposed to protect and serve but now she’s accused of doing just the opposite.

The five-year veteran of the force is facing allegations that she had “sexual contact” with a teenage boy.

“Obviously, our first responsibility in these is ensuring that a child is safe when we have a report of this nature. So, that’s our main concern, which we have ensured at this point,” said Folsom Police Detective Melanie Catanio.

Bishop is on paid administrative leave as Folsom police investigate the allegations.

The police department received the tip earlier this month that the alleged sexual contact had occurred at a home within Folsom city limits.

No charges have yet been filed against Bishop, so for the time being, the department is not releasing what kind of sexual relationship may have gone on or how many instances may have occurred.

“It’s not an easy thing for the family to navigate its way through and so, in trying to ensure protection on that end and to keep the identity out of circuit, we’re keeping all of that confidential,” Catanio explained.

Bishop was working as a patrol deputy and volunteered with the Sheriff’s Activities League working with at-risk kids and teens.

“I know there have been some concerns of her involvement in the youth programs through the sheriff’s department and what we are certain of is that this does not correlate with that whatsoever,” Catanio told FOX40.

She said Bishop did not meet the victim on the job and there’s no reason to believe any sexual encounter occurred while Bishop was on duty.

The sheriff’s office said it could not comment on the criminal investigation but said Bishop will remain off the job, at least until the decision is made on whether to file charges.

“And then we will handle things administratively as appropriate, depending on what facts we have,” said Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tess Deterding.

Folsom police said they are still investigating and that it could take some time. They’ll then send their findings to the district attorney, who will decide whether to press charges.

FOX40 reached out to Bishop Tuesday for comment and has not heard back.