Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office to begin wearing body cameras Feb. 15

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – The Sacramento County sheriff told FOX40 Monday his deputies will start using body cameras beginning Feb. 15.

“I’m excited to get body cameras. I can’t wait ‘til we get them,” said Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones. “We’re giving it to some of our specialized units first. Our north pop, our north hot and our gang unit. Then as we work out any bugs that might exist, we will have department-wide implementation. And that, hopefully, will be with training and everything else that goes into it, hopefully, sometime in the June timeframe.”

Jones said his office is the largest in Northern California and among the biggest in the country.

It’s something he’s wanted for his department for some years now. The county approved the multi-million-dollar budget last September.

He said getting them now is timely. So far this month, the sheriff’s office has had three shootings involving deputies, which killed one deputy, a K-9 and two suspects, as well as left others injured.

The sheriff says the body cameras will be another tool and another resource to show a factual account of what happened.

“Video doesn’t lie, although sometimes it requires context,” Jones said.

He cautioned that some people may have expectations of video capturing everything in vivid detail.

He explained the camera will be used to hold officers accountable if they have to second guess a decision they’ve made. But ultimately, he said, sharing video with the public will help build trust and transparency.

“It is a great additional piece of reference and piece of factual accounting that not only helps us investigate but helps relate to the public what factually transpired versus trying to create a story,” Jones said. “But overwhelmingly, it is used to keep our officers safe.” 

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