SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost is facing criticism because of her recent communication with far-right groups. 

One of those groups is the Proud Boys. Frost reportedly was communicating with them as they helped truckers protest COVID-19 guidelines. 

In a recent meeting, Frost defended herself against criticism of her messaging members of the Proud Boys, a group some say advocates violence for political causes. She said she was just trying to help collect supplies for the protesting truckers. 

Screenshots posted to Twitter by user Borwin10 show Frost’s conversation with groups on how the protest should be marketed, which color schemes should be used and extended help. 

“I didn’t knowingly fraternize with Proud Boys. I didn’t knowingly do that. I was just trying to help collect crackers and cheese to help send-off,” Frost said. 

She addressed those who were concerned at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting. In the messages, she called herself a freedom fighter. She now said she has left those groups when she found out they were run by possible extremists. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center describes the Proud Boys as a hate group. 

“I am a 65-year-old woman for goodness sake. I don’t look that old because I dye my hair. I don’t hang out with killers and terrorists. I never have, and I never will,” Frost said. “I don’t condone anything that is not good for public safety. I don’t condone anything that I think is harmful.” 

The Canadian truckers’ protest began as a way to counter vaccine mandates and transitioned into a massive anti-government movement. 

In the past, Frost has defended health care workers and public safety employees who oppose the shots. 

Some people at the recent meeting were disappointed to hear about Frost’s communications with members of the Proud Boys, while others supported the supervisor’s decision. 

“Here we are with another controversy … saying she doesn’t know that Proud Boy members were affiliated with her trucker rally, are you kidding me,” said one commenter. 

“I want to thank Sue Frost for choosing integrity over politicization,” said another.

Frost said she absolutely wants to denounce any violent extremist groups and wants no association with them. She adds she will continue to support medical freedom and First Amendment rights. 

“I am here to serve and try do the right thing. I am not going to stop telling my truth, the day I have to stop telling my truth then my life is not worth much,” Frost said. 

Frost said the convoy is not taking place in Sacramento. But she said she still supports ending COVID-19 restrictions.