Sacramento County supervisors, candidates call for resignation of county executive after meeting flouted virus guidelines

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Local politicians are calling for the resignation of the Sacramento County executive over a manager’s meeting last week that didn’t follow county safety guidelines.

For hours, several Sacramento County department heads met indoors at the county probation department on Folsom Boulevard.

Some of the people attending the meeting were not wearing masks, which is a violation of the county’s COVID-19 health order.

“It just flies in the face of common sense, and especially when we’re trying to tell the public that they should be wearing masks and observing social distance and not gathering in closed spaces. To have our county senior staff do that is just unconscionable,” Gregg Fishman told FOX40.

Fishman is the Democratic candidate for the Sacramento Board of Supervisors District 3. He’s hoping to fill Susan Peters’ seat. Peters is retiring.

Fishman is among the growing list of those calling on county executive Navdeep Gill who ran that meeting to resign.

“Mr. Gill just doesn’t have my trust anymore that he’s going to be able to handle this pandemic in a responsible manner,” Fishman said.

Also asking Gill to step down are current supervisors Phil Serna and Patrick Kennedy.

Both sent a letter to Gill on Tuesday.

“How do you expect people that are trying to open a business or trying to run their business and stay afloat to say, ‘Oh yeah, I’m sorry you got to wear a mask,’ ‘Sorry my employees have to wear a mask’ when the county government can’t even enforce that rule on itself,” Fishman said.

“Frankly, I was disgusted when I heard it. I was embarrassed for Sacramento County when I heard this,” Rich Desmond told FOX40.

Desmond is the Independent candidate for District 3 and agrees with his opponent that the incident is inexcusable.

“A high-ranking government official setting a horrible example, endangering the safety of his staff, setting a bad message for the public and violating a public order that he is charged with upholding,” Desmond said.

Desmond said he feels there should be an investigation into what really happened during that meeting before he’ll also officially call on Gill to resign.

“I’m certainly someone who believes in due process. So, I think we need to do an inquiry or investigation into this,” Desmond said. “… Confirms that all of this happened, that he violated that public health order and endangered all of his staff, then I would vote to remove him.”

Both Gill and the county have no comment on the controversy.

For the board to fire Gill, a vote from four out of the five board members would be needed.

The next chance supervisors could call that vote is during the next board meeting on Election Day, November 3.

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