SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The increased use of illegal fireworks in Sacramento County over the last three years has prompted the Board of Supervisors to consider additional penalties for the use of such products.

According to statistics provided by Metro Fire and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, fires caused by the usage of illegal fireworks during the Fourth of July holidays rose from 15 fires in 2019 to 29 fires in 2020.

During Wednesday’s meeting, the board will introduce ordinance amendments to Sacramento County Code Chapter 4.54 to add hosts’ liability and penalties for violating the county code related to fireworks.

By adding host liability to the county ordinance, it would allow fire, law enforcement and code enforcement to hold the owner or person in charge of a real property responsible for the costs associated with emergency personnel responding to the use of illegal fireworks, according to the amendment.

Other strategies that have been used by local law enforcement to reduce the sale and use of illegal fireworks are informational handouts, fireworks inspections, buy-busts, confiscations, citations and disposal of illegal fireworks.

According to Metro Fire, an average of 158 firework stands have been inspected each of the last three years to prevent the sale and use of illegal fireworks.