(KTXL) — The Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks is closing all its parks through the weekend, Jan. 14 – Jan. 16, due to the expected storms.

It’s possible the 50 mph or faster winds will knock over more trees, posing a hazard for the public.

“The American River Multi-Use and Dry Creek Parkway trails will also be closed, so bicycle commuters should find alternative routes,” regional parks said.

Regional parks said the parks will be closed on Monday as well, with the possibility of being closed longer. To check the status of the parks, click or tap here

Since the new year, hundreds of fallen trees have been reported. In some cases, they have damaged homes and cars. 

Two people have also died as a result of falling trees. The county reported one person died near North 5th Street, south of the American River, and the other died on Roseville Road near Tri Stations Road in North Highlands. Both were found with trees having fallen on their tents.