CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. (KTXL) — When Fukumi Ramen restaurant in Citrus Heights had its windows smashed on Sunday, it marked the third time the business was vandalized.

Between vandals and the pandemic, it’s been a tough time for business.

“It has been very devastating,” Sylbi Song, Fukumi Ramen owner, said.

An overwhelming number of businesses off of Sunrise Boulevard, 90% of them, are boarded off, only available for takeout.

The latest incident at Fukumi Ramen happened Sunday morning, the owner told FOX 40.

“This guy who was dressed in black and even had a ski mask on, holding a hammer, it looks like, and making sure to break all the windows we had,” Song said.

Song said the cameras caught the act, but since the person covered their face, she does not know who it is. It’s the third time her business has been targeted this year. Back in June, nine windows were smashed, with the damage close to $30,000.

“We are on the verge of getting kicked off of our business insurance because of the claims we have made from these incidents,” Song said.

Other businesses in the area have reported vandalism, like a Mountain Mike’s location. Surveillance video shows the vandals smashing 31 windows and three doors back in May. A few months before that, the same pizza parlor saw two men smash half a dozen windows.

“It is hurting a lot of local businesses; it’s not pleasant,” Song said.

Citrus Heights police say this is an active investigation and ask anyone who knows anything to reach out to them.