(KTXL) — Molly McCarthy is a Swiftie and when she saw this post on Facebook this morning, for tickets to see Taylor Swift, Molly acted swiftly.

“I saw a Facebook post from a mutual friend, so I assumed it was like, safe to see for Taylor Swift tickets on Friday,” McCarthy said. “So I reached out to them.”

McCarthy said that four tickets were for sale and she only needed two for her and her friend. The tickets were priced at $500 a piece.

So after getting the seller’s email address, McCarthy initially tried to pay through Venmo. But it said there was an error.

Her friend also tried, but it wouldn’t go through. They also tried paying through Zelle and Apple Pay.

“The red flag I should’ve picked up on, was the email for them was not matching the Facebook,” McCarthy said.

About that time, McCarthy learned from a friend, that the listed seller, Kathleen L’Ecluse, had actually died several years ago.

McCarthy realized then, that she had been scammed.

“Everyone wants to go to Taylor Swift right now, McCarthy said. “But to use someone who has deceased account, to scam other people, that was just very heartbreaking.”

After reporting it to Facebook… she contacted the seller, expressing her dismay.

But the “seller” continued with the scam saying…  they are devout Christians. And that the dead woman was his wife. L’Ecluse was never married.

“They just tried to continue to lie, in hopes of me trying to go give them money,” McCarthy said. “Even though none of the money went through, I did cancel my cards that were attached to those. Just for my own safety.”

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office says to be vigilant before purchasing anything, especially doing transactions online.

“Make sure buying from a verified site,” Sgt. Amar Gandhi, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said. “Make sure buying from a verified seller. If you are buying resale, make sure you can verify who this person is.”

Molly said the seller tried to get her to meet in person with the $1k in cash, but she knew not to do that.

If you must meet in person, it’s not safe just to meet at a public location., according to the sheriff’s office. Meet instead at the police department, or here at the sheriff’s office.