SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Over a dozen Sacramento County organizations received nearly $1 million in grants through Dignity Health in order to better mental and behavioral health services and substance abuse services.

Dignity Health said it and its partners identify the most pressing health priorities in counties every three years. Their 2022 assessment reportedly identified access to mental and behavioral health services and substance-abuse services as “key priorities.”

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The 17 organizations, from Nevada, Yolo and Sacramento counties, were chosen as ones that could work toward bettering those services.

-Thirteen Sacramento County organizations were chosen.
-Children’s Choice for Hearing and Talking Sacramento: $25,000
-International Rescue Committee, Inc: $75,000
-The Anti-Recidivism Coalition: $100,000
-3Strands Global Foundation: $85,000
-Arrive Alive California, Inc.: $100,000
-Community Against Sexual Harm: $79,000
-Greater Sacramento Urban League: $75,000
-Latino Leadership Council, Inc.: $98,442
-EveryOne Matters Ministries: $40,000
-Neighborhood Wellness Foundation: $100,000
-Sacramento Life Center: $36,396
-Harm Reduction Services: $45,000
-The Race and Gender Equity Project: $100,000

The nonprofits will be working alongside others, and the grant money will be going toward specific programs.

“The goal of this contribution is to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable and underserved populations and bring about real and lasting improvements to the region,” Dignity Health said in a press release.

One of the programs, Supportive Housing and Reentry Collaborative, aims to help youth and adults with free transitional housing and support once they reenter society. Another program, CREER En Tu Salud, will help Latino/a adults connect with health services.

“Giving back has always been an integral part of our mission, and we are proud to continue supporting organizations who are going above and beyond to meet the needs of our community,” said Dignity Health Community Health and Outreach Manager, Phoua Moua. “Through these partnerships, we are able to address our community’s most complex health and human challenges.”