(KTXL) — A woman was arrested in Galt on Wednesday night after being suspected of driving under the influence, according to the Galt Police Department.

According to the police department, when conducting a building check in the 10000 block of S. Lincoln Way, officers watched a Buick sedan hit a pole when attempting to turn into a driveway.

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Officers said they then saw the driver reverse their car and then hit the pole again. Officers then decided to conduct a traffic stop on the driver.

Police said the woman driving the car showed signs of being under the influence during the stop. Officers conducted a breathalyzer test, which reportedly showed a blood alcohol content of .40%, which is four times over the legal limit.

Police arrested the woman and found that she had a prior DUI along with a suspended driver’s license and she had not installed an ignition interlock device in her car after her previous DUI.