(FOX40.COM) — Folsom residents can report abandoned shopping carts as part of a new pilot program that was recently announced. 

The city of Folsom announced the pilot program on Sept. 27 where residents can report abandoned shopping carts through a text, phone call or online. 
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In its newsletter, officials said carts removed from store parking lots are a potential hazard, a blight to the community and is costly for stores to replace. The city added that removing shopping carts from private property and possessing them can result in a criminal citation. 

“The city receives numerous calls regarding abandoned carts and the facilities manager saw this as a way to efficiently address community concerns and promptly remove abandoned carts,” City of Folsom spokesperson Christine Breiner told FOX40.com in a phone interview. 

Through the program, officials said any abandoned cart on public property can be collected. 

Residents can report abandoned shopping carts by calling or texting 800-913-5639 or by filing a report online. 

“It’s a benefit to our business community and help support our businesses,” Breiner said. “Shopping carts are very costly so being able to return those carts to those businesses save our businesses money.”

For other non-emergency issues in Folsom, the city has a program called SeeClickFix Folsom which allows residents to report issues such abandoned vehicles, code enforcement issues, litter, debris, potholes, malfunctioned street lights, and graffiti.  

“This is one more tool that we have available to allow our residents to be our eyes and ears and report nuisances and the community,” Breiner said about the SeeClickFix program.