SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The team whose goal is to keep children safe from online predators, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, based in Sacramento County, can continue its mission.

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved a new round of funding that will allow the team to continue working on keeping predators off of the streets. 

“We save children,” Sgt. Juan Hidalgo with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said to FOX40.  

“Our area that we cover is from Stanislaus County all the way up to the Oregon border, from Vallejo out to Nevada,” Hidalgo continued.

A few months ago, funding for ICAC was running low, but just this week, the supervisors approved a grant from the Department of Justice that would keep the program operating for at least another 3 years.

Five million dollars were allotted for the five task forces within the entire state. 

“That helps us provide all these training and equipment for all these different agencies throughout Northern California,” Hidalgo said. 

Most of this money will go towards training and equipment. As technology, like computers, continues to quickly advance, this funding is needed now more than ever.

“Equipment and training, especially when it comes to computers, is very expensive,” Hidalgo stated.

County Supervisor Rich Desmond (Dist. 3) said the entire board was in support of voting in favor of the funding.

“It is a growing problem in our society, and we know that our law enforcement agencies need the tools to be able to conduct these investigations and go after people who prey on our kids,” Desmond said to FOX40. 

Sgt. Hidalgo said that the task force’s work has been successful at identifying and detaining suspects, and eventually leading to convictions.

“We do approximately two to three warrants on a weekly basis,” he said. 

Both Sergeant Hidalgo and Supervisor Desmond said the new funding will continue to keep communities safe.

The sheriff’s office credits the community for helping them get this funding and it hopes that, once it runs out in three years, the program will continue to get renewed funding.