(KTXL) — If confirmed by the Senate, the California Highway Patrol’s new commissioner will be a CHP veteran from Sacramento County.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office said he appointed Sean Duryee, 48, of Galt to the position on Friday. Duryee has been with the CHP since 1998. 

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He began serving as acting commission in January of this year, and he has held numerous other positions, such as deputy commissioner, executive assistant to the commissioner and special representative to the legislature. 

“A veteran of the CHP, Commissioner Duryee has dedicated his career to serving the people of California, starting as a Cadet decades ago,” said Governor Newsom.

Aside from serving the state of California as part of the CHP, Duryee is involved in the community. He coaches the Liberty Ranch High School Girls Varsity Basketball Team in Galt.

Duryee will still need to be confirmed by the California Senate.