SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Highway 99 in Sacramento County was flooded during a New Year’s Eve storm, causing a stretch of the highway to be closed for more than 24 hours. 

The stretch of highway between Elk Grove and Galt was closed in both directions shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day. The first closure of Highway 99 was in the area of Dillard Road, which had several cars submerged in water. 

One person was also found dead in the area inside a submerged vechile on New Year’s Day morning. 

According to Sacramento County officials, three different levees breached in the Cosumnes River. 

“The Cosumnes River is a wild river, meaning it has no dam to control flooding,” Sacramento County Public Information Director Kim Nava told FOX40 News. “The levees were constructed to reclaim the land for agriculture and are generally rated to manage the 10-year flood.” 

Nava said all the properties along both sides of the Cosumnes River and their levees are privately owned. The levees begin at Rancho Murrieta north along the Cosumnes River and end at Freeman Road. The area also falls under the district for Reclamation District 800. 

There are no levees south of Freeman Road, but some landowners created berms, Nava said.

In a report by CBS13, two of the levees broke traced to a local farmer and those levees are not being fixed. County officials told CBS13 that the farmer has not reached out to the county for help. 

“The property owners along the river are responsible for levees on their land, except for those who are in a reclamation district,” Nava told FOX40 News. “The reclamation district secures an easement from property owners in order to take care of the maintenance needs.”