(KTXL) — With rain that occurred in the Sacramento region in the early months of 2023, officials are reminding the public to drain certain items to prevent mosquitoes, as stagnant water has been left behind from the weather.

According to the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District, mosquitoes need water to live and anything that can hold water for more than five to seven days has the ability to produce mosquitoes. 

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Yards are the top source for mosquito production and the insects need at least a ½ inch of water to complete their life cycle, officials said. 

For mosquito prevention, here are the items officials urge the public to check and drain near their homes:

•Water fountains and bird baths

•Potted plants and saucers

•Water bowls for pets

•Clogged rain gutters

•Open trash bins

•Uncovered boats

•Buckets and barrels

•Leaky hoses

•Rot holes in trees

•Unused tires


•Unused pools

•Wagons and other kids toys

•Low areas within the ground

What is the life cycle of a mosquito?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the life cycle of a mosquito starts with mosquito eggs; hatching can take from a few days to several months after being laid. The eggs hatch when they’re submerged in water. 

After hatching, the insects develop into aquatic larvae and develop into pupae in as short as five days. The pupa then devloples into adult flying mosquitoes in two to three days. 

During the hot summer months, some mosquitoes can complete their life cycle in four to seven days, but the average length is close to 14 days, officials from Sacramento and Yolo counties said.